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Super Mario bros Z intro Super Mario bros Z intro

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I can't stop watching this

Great job on the series as a whole, you really have a feel for what makes an entertaining flash.. I can't stop watching the intro. This is more entertaining than TV. I'm sure it can't be on TV because of copyright and all that (and the text) but today you should be able to get a large audience without it. Perhaps a video game with lots of cool cinematics would be fun too! Maybe I'm dreaming, but yes... just don't stop these!

Rise of the MK: Part 4 Rise of the MK: Part 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ok, Ok... but what is going on?

Yes this is great for an online flash movie that nobody will care about 5 years from now, but the story doesn't really make sense.

At the end the celebration that the two brothers are both alive in the same reality is only undertood by us (the audience) who have seen both Mario's and Luigi's "adventures." Mario doesn't get it, the kingdom doesn't get it, Peach doesn't get it either. Luigi knows what he is celebrating, really, he saved Mario, twice! The celebration seems grand enough for the series, however it should only be for (mostly Mario's) the fight against Wart! I really don't think that it is all concluded so easily. I mean at first Luigi thought it was Bowser, and then, it wasn't, now Wart! Are they sure it is over???? Why does the kingdom feel safe? All that happened was that Mario attacked Wart and his kingdom, that solves the problem? The conclusion that Mario and Luigi are both alive together and Peach saved Luigi is great; they are happy and safe, and Luigi's original pain (started in part 1) is finally eased and concluded without sacrificing his own life (causing Mario's pain and fuel for revenge). But will there not be annother attack? If it was Wart, why? (we had an intro in part 1 explaining "Bowser's" surprise attack) Are things cool with Bowser?
I think this is just the beginnig, and the celebration a mere battle victory (accept to Luigi, and Mario a bit). Everyone should be scared, look at the power of revenge, look at how fate can twist reality, is anyone sure exactly what happened, or why Luigi had the dream in the first place? Who was the attack really from? There is room for a sequel here! The series is not concluded!
Unless of course it is a metaphysical theatre, where the reality of the situation is to be an interpretation of an "audience member." That is to say, killing the immediate enemy appealed to the audience and is therefore justified as a "safe" conclusion. That is also to say that the one who really launched the bombs at the start, and gave Luigi his dream was the one who created the story! And that neither Bowser nor Wart is guilty of the attack, but they were forced into oppositionary roles, doomed to be destroyed from the start.

But it was really great, that is why I decided to write a review. Some newgrounds things (or online) have been remembered for more than five years, maybe this can!

Rise of the MK:Part 3 Rise of the MK:Part 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, but not as good as the others

I was a bit dissapointed to see Luigi die (or seriously injured) without any mourning at all. With the built up tension of parts 1 and 2 its easy to see why Luigi did what he did, but why would Mario suddenly understand eveything, understand all that tesnion and the need for immediate action, and jump right in without a word with Luigi? I'm not even sure Luigi understood what was going on. So why would Mario jump to revenge? Luigi's mourning for Mario in parts one and two almost made me cry! Despite the fact that Mario's (and Luigi's) motive for revenge is unclear, and the lack of mourning, the rest was executed nicely and had what I expected to see. One question though, is this series a comedy or a tragedy? Does it end happily? or does it end in despair or sadness revealing something dark within people?

You've inspired me, I'm making a tragic "flash" (or just story) about two brothers, and revenge, and death out of lust for an answer to sorrow! (or something like that)


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Dear god.........

ummm... art? Sick twisted.. mind of yours.. what the hell... this is horrible! What is wrong with you! I'm sorry anyone who likes this is either sick or has a very sick sense of humour, and I really hope that they don't have a little sister! If this is anyone's reality call the police NOW!

Lost Rhapsody Lost Rhapsody

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Unique, a first, but I'd hate to see lame copies.

Lame copies would discredit this stlye which can be very funny, but get old as well. As for this one watching Lost actually makes it really great!
Great idea here, I'd like to see more of these"Lost season musical recaps" this one was great, and did (even with its ridiculous humor) and by the end especially represent the first season very well in a satirical manner that didn't discredit the show much, so that it may be enjoyed by Lost fans. One problem though, each time I play it it lags somewhere in the middle despite the quality setting, and I miss a bunch of clips while the music plays... if I manage to pause it (which is hard during lags) it fixes itself, now myabe my computer just really sucks, but I haven't had this problem before, maybe an on screen pause or somehting else to stop lag, because it's ten times better without it. I only wish I had thought to make that first, great job!
(note in a sequel, if you have more of what was in the later part of you movie, it would be better)

CapnBob responds:

I built this to export as an AVI and make a DVD out of it, the flash is secondary. If you right-click you should be able to lower the quality and that may help some, but pausing it is not the best idea. I ran into a bug in flash, whereby the position that flash THINKS the audio should be at when starting from any given point is actually much earlier in the film than where it occurs, as if they overcompensated for visual slowdown. I based the length around this bug, but that means the film gets out of sync if you pause it midway through.

John Kerry in Vietnam John Kerry in Vietnam

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty funny stuff but...

Ya I thought it was pretty good, but it was just saying that Kerry was a complete moron who knew nothing... if you based it on rhumours or facts or some kind of stereotype it would have been really funny... and I mean really funny...
overall it was pretty good though... just not a good impression of Kerry

Oh and yeah Jefferson airplane!

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Sega v.s Capcom v.s Ninte Sega v.s Capcom v.s Ninte

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Best thing I saw all day

really funny Parodies with the sound. Its great!
Watch it...

Super Luigi World Part 1 Super Luigi World Part 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Has feeling in it... not too funny... but is ok

Yeah using sprites is the reason I gave a lower graphic score... It could have been really good if it was longer... instead of continuing make an extended version...